Mangaluru: Let Peace Prevail at Manipur – Silent protest held at Holy Cross Church, Cordel

Mangaluru, Jul 23: After the 9.30 am Mass on Sunday, an impactful silent protest was organised by the parish pastoral council with the support of ICYM, YCS and the parishoners. The protest was aimed at expressing our solidarity with our suffering Tribal brethren in the Northeastern State of Manipur, who have been enduring inhuman atrocities in the region.

With a strong display of unity and compassion, the parishoners held placards conveying their messages of displeasure, concern and urgency. They primarily demanded that the Central and Manipur State Governments expedite the peace process and normalise the situation and assist the Tribals to live in peace without further delay.
The silent protest and the large crowd, garnered significant attention from the general public and the media, raising awareness about the plight of the Manipur tribals. The protest emphasized the urgency and importance of addressing the grievances promptly and taking effective measures to ensure their safety, security, and well-being. The event sent a resounding message of unity, empathy, and social responsibility, calling upon the authorities to take immediate and concrete actions to alleviate the suffering of the tribal communities in Manipur.

Mangaluru: Body of Jesus taken down from Cross – Thousands watch recreated scene at Cordel church

Daijiworld Media network, Mangaluru (SB)

Mangaluru, Apr 8: Thousands of devotees witnessed the recreation of scene where the body of Jesus is taken down from the Cross at Holy Cross Church, Cordel on Friday, April 7.

After a 50 year-long gap, the recreational custom was performed by the parishioners. After lowering the body from the Cross, it was laid in a cradle and a small procession was taken out. Fr Cliford Fernandes, parish priest, Fr Jovin Sequeira and Fr Ivan Corderio led the prayer.

“When I was in 8th standard, the recreation of the scene where the body of Jesus is being taken down from the Cross, was held in our Cordel parish. After that, it was stopped for various reasons. Now I am happy to see the custom again in my old age. It is very difficult to move the Cross which weighs around 80 kg and the cradle which is made of heavy wood. Nowadays, the custom is followed in many parishes and this year in our parish too,” says Roman, a senior citizen.

This year, Cordel parish marks the 150th year of laying foundation stone to the parish church by the founder, the holy priest, Fr Alexander Dubois, popularly known as Fradsaib.

Inspirational Talk on Vocation for Altar servants

Inspirational Talk on Vocation

           In view of imparting information on vocation to priesthood and to religious life, Rev. Fr Anil Ivan Fernandes, Rector Gladsome Home for Students and Director of  the Diocesan Vocation Service Centre, motivated the altar boys and girls of Holy Cross Church, Cordel to inculcate a desire towards priesthood and religious life . He invited everyone to pray for vocations during their family prayer. About 70 altar servers were present.   

Inauguration of the Year of St Joseph at Holy Cross Church, Cordel

 Inauguration of the Year of St Joseph at Holy Cross Church, Cordel In honour of the 150th Anniversary of declaring St Joseph as the patron of the Universal Church by Pope Pius IX in 1870, Pope Francis has proclaimed this year (December 08, 2020 to December 08, 2021) as “Year of St Joseph”. In our parish, the inauguration of the year of St Joseph was held on Sunday January 24, 2021after the 7.00 am mass. Rev. Fr Victor Machado, the Parish Priest unveiled the photo of St Joseph and formally inaugurated the year along with Fr Lawrence Cutinha , Fr Shaun Rodrigues, Mr Michael D’Souza, Vice President and Mr Lancy Sequeria, Secretary .