Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM)

Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM)

Short History

Young age is a very crucial period. It is a golden and a very important phase in ones life as it is the time of achievements, if used in the right direction, but can be dangerous if mislead. Thus to guide the youth of our community and make proper use of the youth power for the betterment of the society the Catholic Youth Movement came into existence, in Mangalore diocese in the year 1947. At present Rev. Fr. Ronald D’souza is the diocese director of the Mangalore chapter.

In Cordel, CYM unit was started in the year 1950. From the time of its establishment to 1957 it was open only for boys. Since 1957 both boys and girls can be a part of this unit. Gradually CYM was revised as ICYM, being the Indian chapter. The forthcoming year will be of great and special importance for ICYM, as it will be celebrating its “Diamond Jubilee”. Who can join this unit? Parishioners between the age limit of 18-28 years can be a member of this unit.

The youth of ICYM actively take part in various activities organized by the parish council. The association encourages the youth to take part in leadership and interpersonal skill development programmes and thus help them play a very important role in building the church. ICYM also guides, solves problems and tries to fulfill the needs of the youth. They are taught to be independent, honest, hardworking, and obedient. As stated earlier young age is a crucial period in ones life. Necessary guidance is required for the youth and so ICYM helps in moulding them at this juncture.

In Cordel, we conduct a monthly meeting on sunday  after the 7:00 am mass. The day before the meeting, the cabinet members come together and decide upon an agenda for the meeting. At present there are 55 members in ICYM, Cordel Unit.

ICYM Office Bearers 2019 - 2020

Director V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado
Asst. Director Fr. Lawrence Cutinha
President Mr. Rahul Sequeira
Vice- President Mr. Vineeth D’souza
Lady Vice- President Ms. Rhea Sequiera
Secretary Ms. Avrel Fernandes
Joint Secretary Mr. Vernon Crasta
Treasurer Mr. Jeevan Lobo
Cultural Secretary Ms. Anisha D’souza
Sports Secretary Ms. Anisha D’souza
Liturgical Secretary Mr. Valentino lobo
Varado/Amcho Yuvak Representative Ms. Ashel D’Silva
Immediate Past President Mr. Valentine Crasta

ICYM Office Bearers 2018 - 2019

Director V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado
Asst. Director Fr. Santhosh D’souza
President Mr. Valentine Crasta
Vice- President Mr. Rahul Sequeira
Lady Vice- President Ms. Nikita Rodrigues
Secretary Ms. Ashel D’Silva
Joint Secretary Mr. Vineeth D’souza
Treasurer Mr. Sandesh Monteiro
Cultural Secretary Ms. Anisha D’souza
Sports Secretary Mr. Ajith Sanctis
Liturgical Secretary Mr. Sanil D’souza
Varado/Amcho Yuvak Representative Mr. Ajay Pinto
Immediate Past President Ms. Vinitha Rego

ICYM Office Bearers 2017 - 2018

Director V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado
Asst. Director Fr. Santhosh D’souza
President Ms. Vinitha Rego
Vice- President Mr. Sanil D’souza
Lady Vice- President Ms. Rhea Sequeira
Secretary Ms. Leera Lobo
Joint Secretary Mr. Aldrin D’souza
Treasurer Ms. Renita Aranha
Cultural Secretary Mr. Sandesh Monteiro
Sports Secretary Mr. Ajay Pinto
Liturgical Secretary Ms. Janet Noronha
Varado/Amcho Yuvak Representative Ms. Liza Lobo
Immediate Past President Mr. Vivan Pinto

ICYM Office Bearers 2016 - 2017

Director V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado
Asst. Director Fr. Anil Avild Lobo
Animator Mr. Noel D’souza
President Mr. Vivan Pinto
Vice- President Mr. Ajay Menezes
Lady Vice- President Ms. Avrel Fernandes
Secretary Ms. Liza Lobo
Joint Secretary Ms. Neona Pinto
Treasurer Mr. Roshan D’souza
Cultural Secretary Mr. Aldrin D’souza
Sports Secretary Mr. Joyston Mascarenhas
Liturgical Secretary Ms. Sweeny D’Silva
Varado Representative Mr. Vernon Crasta
Amcho Yuvak Representative Ms. Renita Aranha
Immediate Past President Ms. Ancita D’souza

From the day of its existence, the youth of ICYM have always been and still remain to be active and strive hard under the motto, “Leadership through Service.