St. Vincent De Paul (SVP)

St. Vincent De Paul (SVP)

Short History

St. Vincent De Paul Sabha was established on 20th of August, 1933 at Holy Cross church with the participation of 12 brothers. At present it consists of 25 members.

Present Activities

We have 20 adopted families who are very poor and in need of financial help for their basic needs. We help them by assisting their children by providing uniforms, books and school fees according to our financial strength. We also help them during festive season’s i. e.; Easter and Christmas. We distribute coconuts, rice and vegetables. Some of the members of the adopted families are Cancer and AIDS patients. Adopted families vary from time to time; when a certain family becomes financially stable we pick some other poor family. New families are selected after proper investigation and on the recommendation of the ward Gurkar and Parish Priest. Our financial aid is the secret contribution of the Sabha members during the weekly meetings. We also visit houses of the parishioners who give their contribution through cash or old clothes. We get annual aid from the Parish Priest out of the Frad Saib fund supervised by the finance committee. Major aid for providing vegetables comes from the wholesale merchants. We visit hospitals, old-age homes and prison. We also visit the adopted families in obligatory.

List of Present Office Bearers

Spiritual Director  V. Rev. Fr. Victor Machado
President  Mr. Richard Lobo
Vice President  Mr. Herald D’souza
Secretary  Mrs. Renny Rebello
Treasurer Mrs. Jovita Crasto
Member Mr. Issac Rasquinha
Member Mr. Thomas Sequeira
Member Mr. Marcel D’cunha
Member Mr. Joseph D’souza
Member Mrs. Lilly Noronha
Member Mrs. Severine Pereira
Member Mrs. Florine D’mello
Member Mrs. Letitia Martha
Member Mr. Antony Menezes
Member Mr. R Vincent Lobo
Member Mrs. Molly Miranda
Member Mrs. Pramila D’sa