Cordel Choir

Cordel Choir

Holy Cross Church, Cordel

As the choir singing reverberates in the Church of Cordel, you can’t help feeling a sense of liveliness and spiritual enigma. It makes the liturgy more meaningful. This devotional feeling of coming together in a way helps in keeping the unity of the Church and a feeling of oneness.

“Those who sing, pray twice” are the words of St. Augustine. The choir group of Holy Cross Church, Cordel, is known for its interesting mix of old hymns and creative new additions.

Mrs. Leena Santhmayor is the head of the fifty three strong Choir group. It has an interesting blend of youth and experience. Fourteen men and boys thirty nine women and girls form part of this melodious troop, including the most talented and skillful musicians. The choir renders its service during all the Holy Masses and also during Eucharistic Celebrations of Weddings, Jubilees, Birthdays, Funerals, Anniversaries and other occasions of the Parish. The group actively lends its voice during Processions during Frad Saib Day Celebrations (Dec.11), Palm Sunday and also during the Diocesan Eucharistic Procession at Milagres every year. The funds collected during wedding and other occasions are used by the church for the education of poor and deserving children and other charitable causes and for our picnics.

Choir practice is held every Wednesday between 5.30pm to 6.30pm, where we practice the hymns to be sung for the holy masses. Group singing is encouraged to ensure equal participation.

The leader of the group is elected for a period of two years and can serve for a maximum period of two terms. To be elected leader one should be a member of this association and must actively serve for a minimum period of two years.

The members of the Choir have taken part in many programmes and competitions and have won many laurels for the Church. The Choir group of Cordel, under the guidance of its ex-Director, Rev. Fr. Edwin Pinto, was one of the active groups that took part at the “Konkani Nirantari”, a musical extravaganza that found itself into the prestigious Guinness Book of World records. We have a number of singers who have made a name for themselves in the world of Konkani music. In fact many of our choir members have lent their voices in musical CD’s and Cassettes and also were the members of many musical nights and programmes.

Annual Day of the Choir Group is celebrated commemorating the birth Anniversary of St. Cecilia. The members come together for a programme of song, skit and dance. It is a happy occasion that ends with a grand dinner. A picnic is held every year where all the Choir members go on a day’s outing – sing, dance and play together – their boisterous noise in the bus makes one wonder whether these are singers or a group of town criers ! !

The Choir Group is indebted to Rev. Fr. Valerian Pinto, Parish priest and the Director of the Choir Rev. Fr. Vincent Saldanha for their encouragement and support. We also remember the entire past parish priests and directors of the Choir with whose help and guidance the Choir has been and is so vibrant and energetic.