Mangaluru: Let Peace Prevail at Manipur – Silent protest held at Holy Cross Church, Cordel

Mangaluru, Jul 23: After the 9.30 am Mass on Sunday, an impactful silent protest was organised by the parish pastoral council with the support of ICYM, YCS and the parishoners. The protest was aimed at expressing our solidarity with our suffering Tribal brethren in the Northeastern State of Manipur, who have been enduring inhuman atrocities in the region.

With a strong display of unity and compassion, the parishoners held placards conveying their messages of displeasure, concern and urgency. They primarily demanded that the Central and Manipur State Governments expedite the peace process and normalise the situation and assist the Tribals to live in peace without further delay.
The silent protest and the large crowd, garnered significant attention from the general public and the media, raising awareness about the plight of the Manipur tribals. The protest emphasized the urgency and importance of addressing the grievances promptly and taking effective measures to ensure their safety, security, and well-being. The event sent a resounding message of unity, empathy, and social responsibility, calling upon the authorities to take immediate and concrete actions to alleviate the suffering of the tribal communities in Manipur.